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VW Bus Planter Gift

VW Bus Planter Gift

VW Bus planter gift idea I’d like to share with you and a little about my trip home.

Driving back from the mountains with Cupcake my Himalayan blue eyed baby was along for the ride. she’s always such a great traveler. So while driving for ten hours, yeah, I had the opportunity….ha…..to view various automobiles, old, new and some very unusual !  One in particular was this old classic VW Beetle Bus. A counterculture hippy van of the 60’s. I remember those retro vans painted up with peace signs and flower power, carrying various characters in colorful attire and long flowing hair. That was my decade and it was all about the music. My travel playlist is full of Beach Boys, Beatles and the Grateful Dead. Can’t believe they are making a new VW Microbus for 2020 and it’s electric!? I guess we’re coming back in style!

Even though purchasing a new one or old is not in my future, I can still enjoy all the memories it invokes with my new VW Bus Planter  for my porch. I was also thinking that I could plant some succulents in one and give it as a centerpiece gift to my friend Mary, a true barefoot flower child of the 60’s, at her birthday dinner.

Here’s What I Did…

Found some local succulents plant at a nearby nursery, set up my potting area on the kitchen counter and got started. Parchment or wax paper makes for great no mess easy clean up and used one of my large vintage enamel bowls as a mixing container. 

small succulents on parchment paper on kitchen counter for vw bus planter gift project

Don’t forget to use some rocks or gravel in the bottom of any container that doesn’t have drainage holes so your plants don’t get wet feet!

succulents inside vw bus planter gift sticking out the top with potting soil around them.

Also, a few well placed stones in the top of your arrangement is like icing on a cake In no time at all you’ve created a timeless vintage look and conversation piece for any spot in your home.

final product of vw bus planter gift with small rocks around the succulents on rustic tray and green sea glass rock next to it

Check out these hand painted VW Buses from the era!

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